Forum Rules Here

  1. Terms of Service will be followed.
    The Terms of Service apply as a part of the guidlines.
  2. You may not harm the website.
    This includes DoS/DDoS, spamming, hacking user accounts, and so on.
  3. Do not spam the website.
    Not on purpose or accidentally, post only once and don't post useless spam.
  4. Punishments are Final.
    Unless there is some misunderstanding, if you are banned this is final.
  5. Put things in their proper category.
    It's not that hard, do not post hacks in the lobby section.
  6. Do not post highly illegal or inappropriate things.
    You must follow the laws of the country Lithuania, which means do not post stuff like Credit Card numbers, pornography of any kind, and etc.
  7. Use common sense.
    Just because it isn't explicity listed here, doesn't mean it should be posted. Use common sense, and don't be a fucking idiot.
Jul 31, 2016
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