Dream Ninjas

  1. Mcclures

    oh cool

    i suppose. the real question is are you back?
  2. Mcclures

    nah hello kitty hella cute doe

    nah hello kitty hella cute doe
  3. Mcclures

    What happened?

    bad experiment gaddm no ones gonna use forums when discord exists
  4. Mcclures

    Trainer Rules

    feel free to include that as well, but you must have both virustotal and unrealsecurity at minimum.
  5. Mcclures


    List of scammers Logged in Trade Safety's database. Haxrin Nanoteurz JiiN AYOVO Flegy Zapre mrexy itsnuub These are the big ones.. u can find more at https://leaked.site/index.php?scammers/ or by adding the Trade Safety Bot to your discord.
  6. Mcclures


    :dl: Diamond Lock (1) $ 2.00 USD € 1.78 Euros If anyone says otherwise they are scamming or lying. These are the prices.
  7. Mcclures


    Look, I'm not about to put a bunch of effort into a forum again. This is purely an experiment. I will provide basic rules though. Basic Rules 1) Don't disrespect the staff. This doesn't mean joking around, but don't purposefully be an asshole. We are only tring to help. 2) Don't ask to hack...