Be warned ⚠️ , many will come in my name but make sure u don’t lose ur money, cos it difficult to ge

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    Be warned ⚠️ , many will come in my name but make sure u don’t lose ur money, cos it difficult to get money these days. For those of you asking me how to cashout the Cashapp flips/funds you buying!

    First of all, I'm not doing the flip for any charity❌
    I don't promote laziness❌
    I'm simply cashing out through you guys
    How do i cashout with you guys???

    Everyone here should know by now that cashapp blocks any cashapp account that receives big funds from SBA!

    But the thing is that they easily block the cashapp with 041 routing than the 073 routing number.
    That's why every cashapp loader now request for the 073.
    But if you receiving small funds, you can use 041✅

    Now even with the 073 routine number you still not safe if you don't cashout the money asap!
    And the best way of moving the funds is buying btc with your cashapp✅
    Cashapp btc daily purchase limit is $2k!

    Now divide 110 (our balance) by 2 (btc daily limit) = 55... So it's gonna take me 55 days to cashout my funds through btc!
    Before then don't you think my cashapp account will be blocked with the balance???
    Of course it will be blocked before 15 working days.
    So instead of loosing everything, i flip the funds for lesser funds✅
    Half bread is better than non✅

    Note: you can still cashout big funds with your cash card... But the 073 routing i use are all cashcard deactivated.

    The answer is simple!!!
    For each cashapp log that has to come active for btc purchase, needs a separate phone for login✅
    Do you wanna tell me that i have to get 55 phones for my cashout??? Hell no man!
    So you guys are my phones for the cashout, you pay me for the flip, i fund you, we all get paid✅
    With this process, my cashout becomes more faster and easier✅✅✅
    Remember i still got more SBA funds coming, so i don't wanna waste time on this!
    And I'm done explaining shit to nobody❌

    If you don't trust the cashapp flip, please don't dm me about it... Just be calm and wait for the one you gon trust✅

    $30btc for $500
    $50btc for $1k
    $100btc for $2k
    $150btc for $3k
    $200btc for $4k
    $250btc for $5k
    $300btc for $6k
    $350btc for $7k
    $400btc for $8k
    $450btc for $9k
    $500btc for $10k

    Dm me asap with your btc and cashapp tag!!

    ✅✅✅ @XSamhe

    Icq ✅✅✅ 673164

    Let Get Paid Together!!!!

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