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    Let us see what is a bootable USB maker is. It's a type of program which is going to be quite useful once you would like to take an operating system together with you to use it on another computer, but also once you need to test different systems on yours. A bootable USB manufacturer lets you create USB drives to install operating systems.

    Win32DiskImager is a Windows program that is specially designed to make a USB by which to set up Windows 10 on any computer or make an ISO file using the operating system picture.

    Win32DiskImager works much like Rufus, but it can be used to add more than one operating system. To use this you'll also require a fast USB device. With this USB device, you need to make sure you have enough space to store the ISO file.

    Win 32 Disk Imager can be used to format your selected USB device. But be mindful that all partitions on the selected USB device will also be erased while the process is started. Therefore, please be certain that you have made a copy of any data you need to store before using Win32DiskImager.


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