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    Hello everyone, my first contribution on this forum I don't know if this is the good place to post this :)

    yetishare_4_4_1 with 5 plugins


    Multi-File Upload

    With percentage progress, speed and time left. Pure HTML5 with support for Drag & Drop. No reliance on Flash! Large uploads supported, 2GB+.

    Earn Money

    Integration into PayPal for automatic premium account upgrades. Other payment gateways such as, OKPay & BitPay also available.

    Download Managers

    Full support for download managers with http auth. Resume broken downloads and enable multiple concurrent connections. Enable for all users or just premium.


    Additional payment gateways, rewards program, media streamer, image viewer, FTP upload plugin and more. Create your own custom plugins using the plugin framework.

    External File Servers

    Integrate any number of external file servers for additional storage. Any FTP server can be used.

    100% Source Supplied

    None of the source code is encoded, enabling you to amend the file sharing script and change the styles as needed.

    Feature Rich Admin Area

    Usually overlooked in other scripts, the admin area to key to managing your website. Manage files, users, site settings, plugins, even monitor file downloads as they happen.

    Secure & Well Established

    Externally checked for XSS & common SQL injection techniques before every release. If any are found after a release, they're fixed as a priority.

    Download here:

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